Welcome to Clinique MedNam Lachine

Since 2015, Clinique MedNam Lachine has been offering a wide variety of innovative medical services that are accessible to all.

Excellence | Compassion | Efficiency
Three core values that are reflected in our services

Accredited as a GMF-R (Groupe de médecine familiale réseau), Clinique MedNam Lachine offers walk-in appointments as well as family doctors

From the beginning, our goal has been to take care of our patients in their entirety and to offer superior primary care. 

Our clinic values care for all and therefore offers consultations for patients without a family doctor.

At the clinic, we wear masks!

The winter virus season has already begun.

Given the increase in Covid-19 cases with new variants and respiratory infections of all kinds, here are the clinic’s guidelines to protect everyone: 

Effective immediately

When you have an appointment in person at the clinic: 

  • Be sure to bring a protective mask with you. 
  • Wearing a mask is MANDATORY for anyone with flu symptoms, a cold or a recent diagnosis of Covid. 
  • Inform the secretary if you have been diagnosed with Covid. 
  • It is also MANDATORY to wear a mask if you are immunosuppressed. 
  • Even if you have no symptoms, we still recommend that you wear your mask… for your health and that of others! 

Thank you for your cooperation