PAP test or Gynecological Cytology

Did you know that the name PAP test comes from its inventor, Dr. George Papanicolaou, who developed this non-invasive and painless test in the 1940s?

Gynecological cytology, also known as the Pap test, is used to screen for cervical cancer. It is a sample taken from the cervix to look for abnormal cells.

We offer two (2) options: Either the public laboratory or the private laboratory, in collaboration with Soins infirmiers Lachine and Laboratoires Biron.

Public: The conventional pap test is performed free of charge. It consists of placing the manually collected cells on a slide. This slide is then sent to the public laboratory where it will be analyzed. You will get your results within a minimum of 3 to 4 months.

Important! When abnormal cells are present, your doctor may recommend another medical visit. This visit may require a second gynecological examination.

With the services offered privately: the cells collected are rinsed in a container of liquid. The delay to obtain the result is 5 to 7 working days. This short delay may answer the concerns of some of you! In addition, with this test, it is possible to detect HPV in the same container, which could save you a second gynecological examination in case of abnormality.

Several services are available, discuss them with your doctor. Some things can’t wait!